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Tuesday, November 12

Winter Term Course: Into to BioInformatics

During Winter Term 2014 , Gina Baucom will be offering the course Intro to Bioinformatics (Bio 401, section 2) -- Tu/Th 10-1130am in 3325 Dana. This course is geared toward beginning graduate students and undergraduates who would like to integrate analysis of next-gen sequencing or other bioinformatics tools into their research. It is run like a lab course with a little bit of lecture thrown in and is very 'hands on.'

More specifics of what I cover below:
*Learn how to utilize basic online databases to retrieve sequences and PubMed references
*Learn how to use these online resources for performing hands-on gene searches and genome analysis*Perform sequence similarity searches such as local and multiple alignments*Learn how to edit sequence alignments and produce consensus sequences*Analyze sequence patterns for gene prediction and gene function*Identify areas of sequence homology, conserved regions such as promoters and restriction sites*Search data for sequence variants such as SNPs useful in evolutionary genetics applications*Perform functional genomics, ie transcriptome analysis