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Tuesday, November 12

Symposium: MCubed

Do you appreciate innovation and great ideas?  Then the inaugural MCubed Symposium is for you!  Join us on Friday, November 15th, at the Michigan League in Ann Arbor.  Register NOW at mcubed.umich.edu.

Be inspired by keynote speaker Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest Labs and former lead developer of the iPod and iPhone.  Learn about the University of Michigan's vital role in stimulating innovation and the value of barrier-free research opportunities.  Identify emerging areas of research and scholarly excellence at U-M that are well-positioned for major external funding.  Discover what's gaining momentum in water quality, cancer therapy, emerging democracies, the financial crisis, preservation of the arts, big data and social media, energy and sustainability, and more.  Leave with an insider's view of the impact of MCubed!