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Wednesday, November 13

PostDoc Postions

My name is Stephen Proulx and I am writing to ask for your help in recruiting students and postdocs that would be interested in our new IGERT funded program in Network
Science (http://networkscience.igert.ucsb.edu/). This program spans
scientific disciplines from Sociology to Biology to Computer Science
to Engineering. Students will receive hands on training in
computational aspects of network science while doing a PhD in their
home department. We have excellent opportunities for students
interested in evolutionary biology to receive world class
computational training while working with a PI in the Ecology,
Evolution and Marine Biology Department (see
https://www.eemb.ucsb.edu/grad/overview ).

While the IGERT program strictly funds graduate training, my group
separately has funds to support postdoctoral work in the related area
of the evolution of dynamic response networks. This project is a
collaboration between the Proulx lab
(https://labs.eemb.ucsb.edu/proulx/steve/) and the Hespana lab
(http://www.ece.ucsb.edu/~hespanha/) and focuses on relating
engineering principles for optimal control of networks to the
evolutionary processes involved in evolving both cellular responses
(such as changes in gene expression or signaling) and phenotypic
plasticity. Opportunities also exist for a postdoc to study gene
network evolution in yeast. The appointment is for 1-2 years with a
flexible start date. Submit applications including a cover letter, CV,
description of research experience and interests, brief description of
background computational or mathematical modeling, and names and
addresses of three references to postdoc@proulxresearch.org with the
words “network evolution” in the subject.