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Wednesday, November 27

Math Department: Winter Term Course

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MATH 547, Winter 2014: Probabilistic Modeling in Bioinformatics
(Cross-listed as Statistics 547 and Bioinformatics 547. MWF, 9-10. 4153 USB)
From the 1D to the 4D Genome
Professor Dan Burns (dburns@umich.edu)
Professor Indika Rajapakse (indikar@umich.edu)
Ctools: BIOINF 547 001 W14

This course will review some classical problems in DNA sequence analysis, problems such
as multiple sequence alignment, protein families and parsing the linear structure of protein
coding gene sequences, and then proceed to more recent epigenetic and structural features
of DNA. We will discuss how recent mathematical methods used to describe protein folding
can be applied to understanding chromatin dynamics. This course will furthermore detail
quantitative and experimental techniques used to define the multi-dimensional genome, and
how to integrate information from multiple methodologies into a framework for understanding
genome dynamics. These principles can be applied to the analysis of high-dimensional
biological data.

Background, Texts and Course requirements: Check the Ctools site: enter Ctools, go to
“Membership” (left sidebar), click on “Joinable Sites”, search for BIOINF 547 001 W14, and
join the site.

Questions: Contact the instructors.